City Defense MOD APK v1.46 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download 2023

City Defense MOD APK v1.46 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Download 2023

City Defense – Police Games! MOD APK – Uncover advanced weaponry and unlimited money to strengthen your army’s position.


App Name City Defense
Publisher Homa
Genre Casual
Latest Version 1.46
Mod Feature Unlimited Money
Size 133MB
Update September 14, 2023
Get It On google link

City Defense Mod Apk is an action battle simulation with a daring task to disperse the mob and defend the crowded city from the invasion of protestors. Maintain law and order in the city, confront chaotic elements, and punish traitors with the help of the blue army. Protect your bases by making a robust strategy and stop the riot.

City Defense Mod Apk: Overview

City Defense Mod Apk is a police game where you take the role of an officer of a law enforcement institute. Your ultimate aim is to stop the massive riot in the city and disperse the crowd with force. The entire scene is set in a lovely city where people started protesting against the government. Now, your duty is to maintain the law and protect the corps’ possessions to regain the peace. Full of action, this game lets you unveil your solid strategy and show off your skills to defend the city from the massive protestors.

You can use force to control the mob and push them to leave the city. Massive crowd is rising slowly, and your difficulty is increasing. Conquer the city with the help of your soldiers, utilize innovative weapons to slay the chaotic elements, and calm down the crowd to maintain peace. Allocate your police officers at sensitive locations and stop them from invading your bases. Try this hack that delivers systematized graphics with devoted features to let you relish the game in all possible dimensions.

unlimited energy

Mod Features

Let’s glimpse the remarkable mod features of this app.

  • Unlock all Dangerous Weapons
  • Upgrade your Soldiers
  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Energy
  • Commercials and Ads Removed
  • All Levels Unlocked

Unlock All Dangerous Weapons

Action battle simulation requires advanced weapons to counter your enemy, and you must get them in every circumstance to maintain your position and defend your bases. This hack is beautifully packed with dangerous weapons that let you destroy all foes easily. Moreover, it elevates your strength and encourages your soldiers.

Upgrade your Soldiers

Along with getting weapons, you must upgrade the stats of your soldiers. Unlock new skills for your corps and let them fight with bravery against the brutal mob. You must allocate soldiers to various positions according to their strength and skills. Moreover, upgrade their powers timely to give massive opposition to your foes.

download city defense hack apk

Unlimited Money

One of the most essential factors is the availability of in-game currency that will help you unlock this game’s new segments and excellent features. Now, you don’t need to worry about getting money, as you can get an abundance of cash for free in this hack version. Make your desired purchases unlock all items, and make your gameplay exciting.

Infinite Energy

If you feel you’re losing your energy and the enemy is getting dominance over you, activate the cheat and unlock infinite energy for your players. Fight with courage without worrying about defeat and conquer all the levels with power.

Commercial and Ads Removed

Removing frustrating banners and commercials has made this hack version more exciting. Elevate your fun while playing uninterrupted gameplay and get the incredible experience of brawling against a large army of traitors. This epic feature enhances the beauty and charm of the game.

All Levels Unlocked

Start from the initial stages, fight against fewer enemies, and proceed to the further stages after beating your rivals in challenges clashes. Moreover, if you want to jump to a particular stage, City Defense Hack Apk allows all the players to open their desired stages and enjoy the fun to the fullest.

unlimited money

What is City Defense Apk?

City Defense Apk is an epic simulation that lets you dare to defend the city against the riots and protect the bases of police and soldiers. It’s quite similar to the zombie defense game, where you slay zombies to save the city. Here, you’ll perform military operations to eliminate the violence in the city. Massive strength of aggressive protestors is there on the roads, creating chaos in the city. You must draw a line to restrict the mob from reaching your bases. Never allow any person or protestor to cross the defense line.

Allocate your soldiers in the right locations and let them utilize the power to stop the mob. You will lead your soldiers from the front. Beat your foes, win rewards, and hone the skills of your soldiers. Also, you can proceed to the new levels that will offer a more hostile environment to test your bravery and skills. Unleash your strategy and never give a chance to your foes to conquer your base.

download city defense mod apk

Main Features of this Apk

Build your Strategy

At first, you must prepare a solid plan to deal with the mob. Draw a line, place a barrier, and stop the mob from reaching your area. Keep your soldiers alert for any dangerous situation and allow them to slay all disturbing elements when needed.

Protect your Bases

To protect the city, you must protect your base first. Enemies can throw stones at your soldiers as they are overwhelmed. You must resist the attack and oppose them frequently to counter their attack. Never allow anyone to cross the barrier, as a little mistake or negligence can result in a big loss.

Use Skills of your Heroes

Remarkable heroes with advanced weapons will lead you from the front. Merge their skills and prepare a robust attack to defeat your foes. Also, you must get your heroes’ assistance while making strategies to unlock the full battling potential.

Deadly Weapons to Use

Various factions of enemies can offer harsh circumstances for you. Utilize your skills and weapons to slaughter your foes. Get new weapons after accomplishing various levels and strengthen your crew.

What’s New

  1. Addition of New Weapons
  2. Minor Bugs Fixed
  3. Overall Performance Improved
city defense hack apk


In this epic action-thriller simulation, plunge into the nonstop entertainment and face challenges with courage and bravery. Download the latest City Defense Apk (Mod + Unlimited Money) to defend your city against riots and show off your advanced battling skills. Take advantage of this hack version and uncover the full strength of your soldiers. Utilize weapons to smash the foes and ensure your city’s defense.

Download the Latest City Defense Apk (Mod + Unlimited Weapons)

To Download City Defense Hack Apk from our website, enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the Privacy Settings of your Android.
1. Press the Download Button to get to the Download Link, and Press the button again to Start Downloading.
2. Save the file to your device storage and press it to install.
3. After the installation, the game/ App icon will arise on your device’s Screen.
4. Tap it to open and start playing this action simulation.


Q: Is this hack apk of City Defense free to play?
Yes, this superb simulation of City Defense Hack Apk free to download and operate.
Q: How to unlock all soldiers in the game for free?
To unlock all soldiers, you must try the cracked version of the game.

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